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Q: What if we have to cancel a charter due to some reason - COVID-19?
A: For this summer 2020, we have a special CANCELLATION offer on some vessels. Should you not be able to travel we will refund 100% of your charter fees paid to date. There is no catch. You simply confirm that you cannot make it. You may cancel anytime prior to 30 days before boarding, without penalty.

Q: When will the Med. be open for charters in 2020?
A: Tourism in EUROPE: France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Turkey are all open for international travel from the 15th June 2020 (some before). We suggest you check your own Governments travel restrictions.

Q: Which destination offers VAT FREE charter?
A: At the beginning of 2020 Montenegro and Albania. In Turkey some vessels may offer VAT FREE Charter. Chartering from Turkey into Greece and back is VAT free on most vessels (please enquire). In the Western Med. - Italy, France, Corsica, Sardinia, Balearics - there are a few select vessels that are offering VAT Inclusive charters for 2020 (please enquire). Please give give us a call for the latest situation.

Q: What is The Cost of A Crewed Charter?
A: The cost of crewed charter vary depending upon several issues like: the size of vessel, power or sail, number of people on board, etc. The duration of the charter is usually a week, but can be shorter, and could be inclusive of food, drinks and most watersports. Diving is extra and normally arranged via a professional land based company. Depending on the type of charter, the price per person on western style vessels starts around €1,900 / €2,500 (example: SY Shooting Star in Greece). Turkish Gulets are generally less costly. Motor yachts cost more than sail. Groups on larger yachts can often be less per person than a couple on a small yacht. Yachts are available for parties of 2 or more. Large groups may prefer to charter more than 1 yacht and travel as a flotilla. This is very common, especially for corporate groups. Some luxury high end vessels SUPERYACHTS offer 12 guests+2 staff. These typically start from around €180,000 per week, plus costs. In the SUPERYACHT category we have 2 vessels that will offer VAT Inclusive charters in 2020 (please enquire)

In the Caribbean, the summer season is generally less expensive than winter. Summer season is May 1st to December 14th. Winter season is December 15th to April 30th. Xmas and New Years usually have an additional fee. Dockage and shore excursions are extra.

In the Med. peak season, July and August generally carry a premium.

Gratuities are the norm when the service merits it (always at the clients discretion - Guide: Med. 10%, Caribbean 15%). Remember that your crew work hard to ensure your vacation is a great one. They are your chef, bartender, tour guide, waiter, ....

Q: Are HONEYMOON charters available?
A: From time to time we have a special offer. Currently we can offer Motor Yacht 'SAYB' based in GOCEK, Turkey and Motor Yacht 'SPLASH' in Turkey. Prices start from ALL-INCLUSIVE* €9,990 for two guests * Exact terms on request.

Q: What kind of activities are there to do?
A: All vessels offer watersports and will vary depending on equipment and regulations specific to that area. These might include snorkeling, Scuba Diving, kneeboarding, water-skiing, windsurfing, kayaks, fishing and, of course, sailing. Jetski's and Jet bikes are becoming more controversial and in some areas they are banned from use, or can only be rented from a shore based company. Most watersports are included in the charter fee, but some are charged as an 'extra' (mostly only fuel). Unusual activities, such as diving (Turkey) and parasailing can be arranged by your crew via a shore based company. On shore activities can be recommended by your crew and will vary depending on the destination. As you will not be covered by the vessels insurance while taking part in shore based (rental - car, jetski, dive etc.) activities, always sign a rental contract that will give you cover under the rental agreement.

Q: What type of food and drinks are served?
A: The menus are designed around your food preferences. The chefs are excellent and can usually prepare any dish requested. The cook on a Turkish Gulet will be much less experienced and 'going native' can be very rewarding. Drinks such as wine, beer and alcohol are included as part of the "ships bar". The amount and variety will vary depending on the cost of the charter with larger, more expensive yachts providing finer wines and premium liquors with top quality cordon blue chefs.

Q: Where do we go?
A: The itinerary is based on your preferences or special interests. Although your broker will offer initial advice, the crew know the territory very well and will tailor the cruise to fit your requests. The Virgin Islands, The Grenadines (Caribbean) and the Mediterranean, (South France, Italy, Balearics, Dalmation Coast -Croatia, Greece, Turkey) offer a tremendous variety of bays, islands, anchorages and towns to visit. Regardless of where you may travel, it isn't possible to see everything in one visit, however, and you may need to adjust your itinerary to accommodate your schedule and activities you have chosen or return again in the future for another charter. It is never advisable to travel too far each day (Max. suggested; 1 or 2 hours per day; 10 to 15 miles) and as always, it's weather permitting.

What Should You Bring
Firstly, whereever possible (particularly if you are on a yacht under 100'), bring only soft sided luggage since space is limited and storage is easier. Also hard luggage can damage woodwork and paint. For clothing bring casual wear, mostly shorts and t-shirts, and swimsuits. A few of the more formal restaurants require long pants and collared shirts and occasionally a jacket, but "smart casual" is the norm. Your own mask and snorkel if your inclined, but all yachts carry an assortment of sizes. If you are expecting to scuba dive, check with your broker to make sure of the available equipment on board the yacht. Most yachts carry sunscreen of the type they prefer used, so generally it is on board. If you bring your own, please don't use oily lotions as it stains the yachts upholstery and teak decks. Mid summer charters may require 'off' insect repellent for sand fly and the odd mosquito, particularly if you like walking, exploring and beachcombing.

Where Can We Cruise
The world is virtually 'your oyster'. The Mediterranean is superb during the months of June to October. The famous Cote d' Azur, French and Italian Riviera's have a shorter season covering may to early September. Then there are the Pacific and Indian Ocean Islands and so much more. Far too much too deal with here.
The 3 most popular cruising areas in the Caribbean are:
The Virgin Islands: US & BVI. Leeward Islands: St Martin & St Barts to Antigua. Windward Islands: St Lucia to the Grenadines. The beautiful islands of St.Vincent and the Grenadines are very un-spoilt and under publicized as compared to the BVI. This is my favourite area of the Caribbean (Andrew Hanna).
Generally your cruising would be contained within the island group mentioned above. To cruise other areas in the Caribbean is possible, but it will require more planning and usually cost, due to airfare, provisioning, etc. Check with us for more information.
The most popular cruising areas of the Med. are:
South France / Italy and Turkey followed by Greece. (No VAT in Montenegro and Albania)

Special Cruises
There are cruises to meet almost every need. Some of these include:
Historical Cruises: Many yachts includes cruises which cover areas of historical interest. Naturally there are various areas. One particularly favourite area is Turkey where good 7/14 day itineraries are available.
Scuba Diving (Dive meet only): Many programs are available for diving from beginner up to Advanced Diver. The variety of diving and the beauty is unmatched in the Red Sea and Caribbean. These include reef, night, cave and wreck dives. There are a few places in Turkey.
Learn To Sail: Most smaller yachts are happy to share their knowledge of sailing with you and there will be opportunities to steer the boat and adjust the sails if your want. There are, however, captains that are qualified sailing instructors for those charter guests that are interested in learning more.
Captain Only: A few yachts are available with the captain only. The yacht is available with the captain at a lower rate than fully crewed and the charter guest pays all the expenses. These would be provisions (including enough for the Captain), fuel, water, taxes, etc. Also, you prepare the meals and look after your cabins. This might be a good choice for those that want to eat ashore frequently and don't need the personal service that a fully crewed charter includes.

What Comments have our clients made?

Client Comments

From around the world. Making friends since 1988.

'Dear Andrew, Our charter on board 'Formidable' was so good we wanted to continue ever westwards towards the Caribbean'. Bob J, 1988 GB

'Thank you for arranging our company charter event. Everyone had a fabulous time. The race back was so exciting'. Ginnie S, 1989 GB

The Grenadines were beautiful. Thank you for arranging everything so efficiently'. Sir B, 1989 GB

The charter went so well. We were a little short of Margarita mix. Senator C, 1990 USA

We are having such an amazing time on this brand new yacht. The crew are great. Please extend my charter by another 4 weeks'. Ally M 1997 Saudi

We set sail towards the east and the rising sun. Thank you for arranging our charter'. Hugh B 1997 SA

The staff and I had an exceptional experience on board 'Suheyla'. The food was delicious'. Paul H 1998 GB

The crew and the boat were exceptional'. Alan B 1999 Russia

Thank you for recommending 'Metani'. My girl friend and I loved the charter'. Torsten S, 1999 Germany

'Clipper 40' and her crew were a delight. She has an excellent captain and crew. We want the same crew and chef for next year please'. Laurie N, 1999 Egypt

Andrew, Friday Star was awesome. What speed and grace.' Torsten S, 2000 Germany

White Wings was so comfortable and the crew could not do enough. A fabulous family holiday'. Roxanne R, 2000 USA

'We had a beautiful day sail on board 'Esperanza'. An excellent corporate day'. Peter D, 2000 GB

'Sorry to send the funds late, but in the end we had such a great time'. Maurice T, 2001 France

'Our honeymoon cruise was exceptionally good. Thank you for making it all possible'. Alex C, 2002 GB

'Purchasing our 65' Ketch through you was a pleasure. Thank you'. Iain E, 2002 Scotland

'Porto Santo is beautiful, but we should have followed your advice'. Bill R, 2002 USA

'The vessel and service were of exceptional quality'. Andre P, 2002 Swiss

'Our charter in Turkey was fabulous. A great time to be with only the family'. Christian D, 2003 GB

'Your recommendation of 'Silver Cloud' and team work the finalize the charter was fantastic. Thank you'. Kirill S, 2003 Russia

'Captain Jeff and 'AVA' were fantastic. We had an exceptionally good lunch'. Joseph L, 2004 Hong Kong

'We had such a lovely Greek Island cruise. Boat and crew were fantastic'. Pietro V, 2004 Italy

'Thank you for arranging our charter. 24 Hours from making the call to boarding in Cannes is a fantastic service and response'. Iain M, 2005 GB

'We renewed our wedding vows onboard. We would like to charter again next year. Thank you for arranging everything'. Alan T, 2005 Hong Kong

'Your arrangements were perfect. The yacht and local agent superb. We will charter again'. Sir William C, 2005. GB

As at 2020, additional and references available on request

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